More Stories Of Hope

Ayesha's First leap

Ayesha a 25 year old with three children was suddenly abandoned by her husband. Umeed’s FirstLeap program came into her life like a ray of hope. Initially, when Ayesha started attending the training workshops she was completely quiet, lost and unattentive. Slowly and gradually the encouragement and learning brought the much needed transformation in her. She shares, “Maine yahan job karne ki skills seekheen, aur who values seekhen jisse main khud par bharosa kar ke aage badh sakun.” Currently Ayesha is working as an assistant teacher handling her own life and that of her children with a lot of dignity.

Muneeruddin leads by example

Muneeruddin Bhai is one of our women beneficiary Munni’s husband. He is an auto driver by profession who holds product design and innovation as a very fond passion. Some of the organisation’s most beautiful creations have been developed by Muneeruddin Bhai. He has always been enthusiastic in training other artisans and resolving their queries. We see him as an extremely supportive spouse and a true flagbearer of gender equality! In one of the interactions he shared, “Who am I to stop my wife from learning and earning? Its her choice and only better for us if she does that.”

Janaki’s journey with Prashanth

Back in August 2014, 26 year old Janki, joined Umeed. A victim of severe domestic abuse, extremely shy and reticent all she wanted was to earn a living to support her son who was suffering with an acute form of down syndrome. Over the years, Janaki developed a skill that supported her financially, grew a mindset that was full of self awareness, and gained exposure to the world that encouraged her to leverage her true potential in life. Today an extremely confident says, “Now, I just want to work very hard and give a life to my son that any normal child would have.”

Sameena’s steps towards her growth

Sameena always had a gut feeling that she is capable of doing more than household chores and looking after her husband and three children. She joined Umeed as an artisan. She built a beautiful coordination with other members and discovered her exceptional peoples management and operational skills. She was soon promoted to becoming the Operations manager looking after multiple team members and tasks so deftly. Sameena proudly shares her feelings by saying, “Qaabilyat ka andaaza hona ek baat hai aur mauka milkar use dikhana doosri. Mujhe Umeed ne woh mauka diya hai.”